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Andy: Why does Erin like Gabe?
Darryl: Andy, look, all I know is that if I was a girl, and I had to choose between the tall dude who loved Asia, and the you looking dude who loves sweaters and wearing sweaters...I'd choose you.
Andy: That's really nice. Thank you.
Darryl: And I'd blow your mind.

Michael: If you break that girl's heart, I will kill you. It's just a figure of speech. But seriously, if you break that girl's heart, I will literally kill you and your entire family.

Erin: I don't know if Michael likes Gabe that much, but theres this thing on Glee called a mashup where you take two things that don't go together and they make a great song, take Gabe, take Michael, you get "Gaymike".

Angela: Are you going [to the party]?
Dwight: Not because I want to, of all feelings to base a show around, Glee? Thirst, now there's a show I'd watch.
Angela: I would watch that.

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