Matthew Scott is the nephew of Michael Scott. He is played by Topher Grace. He comes to Dunder Mifflin after Michael leaves hoping to replace his uncle. Ever since he was a child he looked up to his uncle as his dad died when he was young and he saw him as a dad as well as an uncle. When he doesn't get the job due to being inexperienced for the job but due to having a good resume he is made manager of the warehouse he schemes with Dwight, Kevin, Ryan, and Kelly to get promoted so he can make his uncle proud. He even convinces Erin to help in certain schemes putting him at odds with both Andy and Gabe. He has a good relationship with Darryl who he sees as a good boss and looks to him for help to help mamage the warehouse. Jim and Pam see him as a promising future boss and a young Michael Scott. Dwight does whatever he says due to the fact that he looked up to Michael something Matthew takes advantage of but he still treats Dwight with respect. He regulary calls meetings and tends to make decisions behind Robert and Andy's back that he sees as good for the company thinking this will help improve his image at the company. He decorates his office like Michael's going so far as to have his own World's Best Boss mug.

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