Kathy Bates, as you may know, is guest starring on The Office starting with the episode, Sabre on February 4, 2010. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam will have to deal with their impending baby, which will cause a two part episode to air. It will air after the NBC Winter Olympics on March 4th and March 11th.


When Academy Award winner Kathy Bates joins NBC’s The Office for an upcoming story arc as Jo, a bossy Floridian executive, she won’t be alone. She’ll be bringing with her a crony named Gabe, played by Zach Woods, who appeared in the 2009 James Gandolfini film, In The Loop.

“Gabe fills the role that Jan (Melora Hardin) used to have,” says the Executive Producer Greg Daniels. “He’s the guy who goes from branch to branch, whom people have to report to.”

In other words, Michael (Steve Carell) will hate him. We can also look forward to the impending birth of Pam and Jim’s baby. Daniels says Pam will try to hold her baby in past midnight so that she can get a full two days in the hospital before her insurance plan kicks her out. Pam’s mom (Linda Purl) will be returning to see her new granddaughter, but it is Michael who will of course be more excited than anyone by the baby’s birth. But Daniels adds, “I don’t think Michael’s expecting her to take maternity leave. He hasn’t quite thought this out.”

Daniels also hints that a day care center could soon be opening at Dunder Mifflin. Hope they reserve a spot for Michael!

It's confirmed. Ricky Gervais is guest starring on an episode of NBC's American Version of, "The Office" in an upcoming Season 6 episode.

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