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Episode Schedule

Here is the episode schedule for The Office's Season 6. "The Delivery" will air on Mar 4. "St. Patrick's Day," on Mar 11, and "New Leads," Mar 18.

  • February 4: "Sabre" (Kathy Bates guest stars) (6.15)
  • February 11: "Manager and Salesman" (Kathy Bates and Zach Woods guest star) (6.16)
  • Winter Olympic Hiatus (February 11-Mar 3)
  • Mar 4: "The Delivery," Parts 1 & 2 (6.17-6.18)
  • Mar 11: St. Patrick's Day (6.19)
  • Mar 18: "New Leads" (6.20)
  • Mar 25 "TBA" (6.21)
  • "April 8" "TBA" (6.22)
  • "TBA" "TBA" (6.23)
  • "TBA" "TBA" (6.24)
  • "TBA" "TBA" (6.25)
  • May 20: "Season Finale" (6.26)

Sites are reporting that The Office's baby episode will in fact, be a one-hour episode rather then a two-parter episode. IT IS CONFIRMED.

Thanks to all and support "The Office" by watching it on NBC from 9-9:30.

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