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The Schrute Family is the family that paper salesman Dwight Schrute is a member of. They are all strange and eccentric..


Fannie Schrute- Dwight's little sister who lived in Boston for most of her life. Divorced with one son. Appears in the "Dwight Spin Off Show" only.

Jeb Schrute- Dwight's lazy younger brother who works as a worm farmer and Bigfoot Hunter enthusiast. Runs a marijuana farm. Appears in the "Dwight Spin Off Show" only.

Cameron Whitman- Dwight's nephew and Fannie's son. He is brilliant and slightly weird. Dwight becomes a father figure to him. Appears in the "Dwight Spin Off Show" only.

Heinrich Manheim- Dwight's great uncle who lived in Argentina to avoid punishment for being a Nazi official. He is greedy and manipulative. Appears in the "Dwight Spin Off Show" only, although Dwight may have made a reference to him in a talking head interview once unless he was referencing a different family member.

Dwide Schrude- Dwight's paternal great-grandfather. Little is known about him other than he was Amish.

Dwight Schrute I-Dwight's paternal grandfather. Little is known about him.

Dwight Schrute II- Dwight Schrute's father. He raised Dwight. Dwight remembers how he and his father would play games and how he would cheat; however, Dwight never called him out on it.

Dwight's Grandmother- Unclear if she is maternal or paternal. She read Dwight a book of disturbing fairy tales from the 1870s to him when he was a young kid. She may have been a Nazi soldier as Michael refers to her as "A Nazi war-criminal grandma" in the episode "Take Your Daughter to Work Day."

Mose- Mose is Dwight's cousin and runs Schrute Farms with him. He was raised in sync with Amish traditions and seems completely oblivious to the outside world.

Harvey- Dwight's uncle. Runs a fudge company in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Dwight has an uncle he refers to as "Uncle Mannheim" who is 102 years old living in Argentina. As Dwight is of German descent and not Hispanic, and he claims his travel Visa was contested by the Shoah Foundation, it can be assumed that he was a Nazi war criminal as this was a popular spot for Nazis to flee to avoid punishment. As this story is extremely similar to that of his great-uncle Heinrich Mannheim, they are likely one and the same.

Eldred- Dwight's uncle. Built Hay Place.

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