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Andy: [in old Michael Scott Paper Company's "office"] We're printing on 24-pound premium stock paper, approximately 300 sheets in. So far, no signs of distress. [Darryl is filming Andy's demonstration]
Darryl: You haven't even introduced yourself.
Andy: Right. My name is Andrew Baines Bernard, and if you're watching this, it's because I've turned State's witness because I'm in danger because I know too much.
Darryl: You should talk in a higher voice 'cause the camera makes you sound weird.
Andy: Higher? Okay. [speaking slightly higher] Recently certain events have come to my attention...
Darryl: Higher. [motions with hand to go up more]
Andy: Make it higher? Okay.
Darryl: Mm-hmm
Andy: [high-pitched] I have come to the conclusion that the Sabre corporation...
Darryl: One more, yeah. [Again motions to go even higher]
Andy: [higher] May be overlooking certain safety regulations. At the danger... [printer starts smoking and explodes] ah! [speaking lower] It's smoking. [in normal voice] It's smo... I knew it!
Darryl: This... [removes camera headset]
Andy: We are blowin' the roof off! Blowin' the roof off! [Darryl discharges fire extinguisher onto printer] Nice. Nice. This is my partner, Darryl Philbin. He's been my partner through this entire thing.

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