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Pam: I'm looking forward to 'Take Your Daughter to Work' day. I am not great with kids, but I wanna get better. Because I'm getting married. So, I put out a bunch of extra candy out on my desk so the kids will come talk to me. [Pause] Like the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

Kevin: Abby's my fiancee Stacy's daughter. I think she'll have a good time - I just hope she doesn't look on my computer... Actually, I better go check!

Ryan: Kelly and I both agreed that we would just have fun. And, I'm learning that, fun for Kelly is... getting married, and having babies... immediately... with me.

Meredith: I got permission to bring Jakey into work - which is great, because... he got suspended this week, and now I don't have to pay for a sitter.

Ryan: Stanley yelled at me today... That was one of the most frightening experiences of my life...

Stanley: [to Ryan] Boy have you lost your mind?

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