The Office S9 DVD
  • Release Date: September 3, 2013
  • # of Episodes: 25
  • Number of Discs: 5
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1

The ninth season largely focuses on the relationship between Jim and Pam Halpert. After Jim decides to follow his dream and start a sports marketing company in Philadelphia, Pam begins to worry about moving, and the couple's relationship experiences stress. Meanwhile, Andy abandons the office for a three-month boating trip, and eventually quits his job to pursue his dream of becoming a star. Dwight is then promoted to regional manager.

Discs Edit

Disc OneEdit

Disc TwoEdit

  • "Lice"
    • Deleted scenes
  • Season 9 Bloopers
  • 2003 Casting Tapes
  • Autotune Andy

Disc ThreeEdit

Disc FourEdit

Disc FiveEdit

  • A Look Back
  • Finale Table Read

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