• Michael: (to Erin) Scissor me!
  • Pam: Maybe we can put the box back together.
  • Dwight: Impossible. He opened it like an ape.
  • Creed: Have you tried making everything smaller?
  • Christian Slater: Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At Sabre, you will.
  • Michael: There is a small part of me that is actually very excited about this new company. But 70% of me is water. And the other part, the real part, the part that has feelings, and emotions, and thoughts, and if I can be crass, makes babies, that part thinks that all these changes suck b---.
  • Pam: There's a curly slide. Am I too old to go here?
  • David Wallace: Well it's a mess, what a mess, what ya gonna do? You're gonna take out your Suck It and you suck it. Suck it! Take out your Suck it and you suck it!

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