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It is thought that Ryan has a crush on her.

Erin is the only woman whom Ryan has appeared interested in who has never shown any attraction to Jim Halpert. (Unlike Pam Halpert, Katy, Karen Filippelli, Cathy Simms, and even Kelly Kapoor).

Signs of flirtationsEdit

  • Secretary's Day: Ryan consoles Erin and holds her hand, saying, "I love you. Kelly loves you." His efforts to seduce her are interrupted when Kelly rushes in and gives Erin a big hug.
  • The Chump: Emboldened by Michael's "take whatever I want" attitude, Ryan goes to reception and directly propositions Erin. She thinks he's joking, and Ryan tries to laugh it off.
    • It is also important to note that after Ryan propositions Erin she says, "What about Kelly?" maybe meaning she is interested but didn't want to hurt Kelly.
  • Tallahassee : On the first day of being in Florida for the special project, Erin helps Dwight wake up the other workers, including Ryan. She seductively teases him, while stroking his hair, with an offer to 'have fun', to which he responds willingly, even admitting that he went to her hotel room door twice the previous night, before he realises that she is acting under Dwight's instructions.

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