Ronni is a fictional character played by Dale Raoul in the television series The Office.

Season 5Edit

While Pam is away at art school, Ronni filled in for her as receptionist. Nicknaming her "Rice-a-Ronni," Michael shows open disappointment for her with Pam during a web chat. Also, at the Party Planning Committee's horrid "healthy" birthday party for Stanley, Ronni asks if anyone would like to dance, causing the staff to awkwardly shy away. She, Michael, Holly and Dwight were later not invited to Stanley's secret birthday party in the warehouse. She lasted just two weeks before Michael replaced her with Ryan, as Michael felt the office was "at an all-time sad".

Season 6Edit

In the episode Shareholder Meeting, Ronni appears during the flashback of Dwight Schrute dressed as "Recyclops", in which she is seen sitting at reception by Creed.