Robert California (or Bob Kazamakis) is an applicant seen in the episode Search Committee. He then joined the regular cast in Season 8. He is a very intense, odd man who is known for his intimidation and unorthodox management style.


Robert was at some point married to an unknown woman and later divorced, then remarried again.

Robert later divorced the second woman and married Susan. When Susan talked about returning to work, Robert suggested his company however secretly told Andy not to hire her. Susan found this out and divorced him.

Robert, at some point had a son (Bert) with one of the women.

Robert is strangely fascinated with (and probably addicted to) sex. He talks about sex as if nothing else in life matters, even going so far as to declare sex a "universal truth". "Everything is sex" is a quote from Robert.

Season 7Edit

Robert applied for the job where he intimidated the interviewers. He later manipulates another applicant into doing poorly in his interview by appearing indifferent to the paper market. Robert appears to have great confidence in him getting the job (Search Committee).

Season 8Edit

Robert California 1

Robert California

Immediately after being offered the position of Scranton branch manager, Robert is seen tearing out of the parking lot.  He visits Jo Bennett in Tallahassee and somehow convinces her to name him CEO of Dunder Mifflin, her own job (Jo remains as the majority shareholder of Sabre).  He returns to Scranton and names Andy the new regional manager, then takes up residence in the conference room.

Robert attends the Halloween party and brings his son Bert along. Robert drifts among the staff collecting information on each staff member's worst fears. He listens to a story that Meredith tells him of how she slept with a ghost however Robert believes that she merely did it with a drifter. Robert later uses his information on the staff's worst fears by compiling a ghost story out of all of them. He later realizes that Erin is in love with Andy and informs him of this (Spooked.)

While walking about the warehouse, Robert discovers Andy, Darryl and Kevin's band. Robert asks to join much to their delight. Robert joins and plays the harmonica but Robert's friends join and replace each band member. The original three decide to leave and keep the band just the three of them (Pam's Replacement.)

Robert visits the staff who had remained in the office, having turned down Andy's Gettysburg field trip invitation. Robert tries to get them to come up with creative business ideas and is disappointed with all of them except for Kevin's idea to rearrange the cookies in the vending machine - much to the annoyance of the staff (Gettysburg.)

Robert offers his current wife, Susan, a job at the Scranton Branch however he urges Andy to turn her down. However Andy becomes confused with Robert seemingly contradicting his earlier pleas during the interview so Andy hires her. Robert then seems to get annoyed at Andy causing even more confusion. Susan realizes that Andy is struggling to figure out what Robert wants and tries to confront Robert who still proves difficult to read. Robert then decides to get Jim as a witness and he, Andy and Susan chase Jim around the business park before cornering him in a closet. Jim comes up with a quick statement and leaves. (Mrs. California.)

Robert shows up to the Christmas party rather depressed as Susan has divorced him, likely due to her annoyance over Robert urging Andy not to hire her. Robert bartends the party and gives Erin a rather large serving of alcohol and seems to be kindling her growing drunkenness. Andy is worried when he offers her a ride home at the end of the night believing that Robert will take advantage of her. Andy follows them in Meredith's van and realizes that this is not the case, much to his relief. (Christmas Wishes.)

Dwight heads to Tallahassee, Sabre's headquarters, for an interview with Robert for a corporate position. Robert has no intention of giving Dwight the job and tells Gabe to interview Dwight. Dwight realizes this (Gabe having revealed his role as the office "toilet") and forces Gabe to take him to Robert's apartment. They go to Robert's place where he is in the middle of his wrestling exercise. Robert tells Dwight that he didn't want to give him the job as he didn't feel Dwight fitted the job. He promises that there will be a job for Dwight some time in the future.
Robert California 2

Robert California


Robert is forced to sell his mansion due to his divorce. Kevin offers that they have one final party in the indoor swimming pool area. The staff all visit his mansion and Robert gives Oscar, Jim, Toby, and Gabe a tour showing them his movie room, kitchen and a room with a large bear rug. Robert then allows each of them to take a wine of their choice. Robert, upon realizing how well his party has gone, strips his clothes and jumps in the pool Pool Party.

Dwight, Nellie, Jim and Robert go golfing where Robert reveals his dislike for the Sabre store project. He reveals to Jim he plans to veto it and fire the VP. Jim manages to prevent Dwight from attending the meeting and Robert fires Todd Packer instead (Last Day in Florida.)

Robert, looking for a new job for Nellie so she can stay with the company, decides to transfer her to the Scranton Branch where she quickly assumes the only desk untaken-Andy's chair. Robert, terrified of the implications of Nellie as manager, desperately phones Andy who is in Florida to get Erin back. Andy tells Robert that he is sick and can't come into work. Robert, reluctant to tell Nellie no, decides to improvise. Jim tries to persuade Robert to not allow her to take Andy's job but Robert ignores him. Robert however, quickly realizing that Nellie has won over the staff, decides to make her promotion permanent (Get the Girl.)

Robert comes in harboring a bad mood. He chews out Pam for not working before lecturing the staff about wasting time however the staff realizes he makes a special exception for Nellie who is always late. He learns that she is stressed about moving in and decides to task Jim and Dwight with helping her move in. He then forces the Party Planning Committee to throw her a welcome party. Robert later attends and appears confused as to why Jim and Pam are mistreating the magician who shows up. He apologizes to Nellie for the poor party but she is fine with it (Welcome Party.)

Robert is called in after Andy returns and realizes that Nellie is not relinquishing the managers chair. Robert tells Nellie to give it up but she refuses and sexually stimulates Robert causing him to be to unable to decide. He then decides to not intervene and tells the cameras that he never lets a sexual desire influence his business decisions so chooses to not be involved. Robert later attends the impotence meeting where he attempts to engage various members in sexual conversations. He also asks Nellie in great interest how old of guys she has been with sexually. Robert spends the majority of the episode after that in the conference room and comes out to see what the comotion is when Andy throws a fit of rage. Robert tells Andy to calm down and Andy responds with "Have a seat yourself idiot!" as he throws a chair at him. Robert later decides to keep Andy as a salesman and keep Nellie as manager. Andy refuses this and Robert fires Andy (Angry Andy.)

Robert buys two tables for the entire office and their guests at the dog fundraiser and is seen in attendance. Andy shows up as Erin's date and Andy attempts to engage in discussion with Robert and Robert realizes that Andy is practically insane after his firing. He offers to pay for him and Erin to go out to a romantic dinner which Andy declines. Robert then tells Andy to leave. Andy buys another table and makes critical remarks as Robert gives a speech on how much he likes dogs which is why he contributed money to the cause (Fund Raiser).

After Robert gets extremely drunk one night (and alludes to snorting cocaine "a case of Colombian whites") due to the stress of his divorce, he shuts down a branch without a contingency plan for the branch's clients and leaves a phone message on Nellie's phone revealing his true intentions for her. He comes into work hung over and promptly pukes next to Jim and Dwight's desk. He later learns that he had left a message on Nellie's phone and also that he had shut down the Binghamton branch. Robert then tasks Pam with finding out what he had left on Nellie's phone and tries to hide the reason why he closed the branch from a disgruntled salesman from the Syracuse branch. He later demands that Robert judge whether an important client goes to Jim and Dwight or to him. Robert tries to stall him but the salesman battle for the client anyway. Robert later tasks Angela with finding what the message was on Nellie's phone should Pam fail. Robert is later happy to learn that Pam stole Nellie's phone and the two go through her messages. They learn several embarrassing secrets about Nellie but nothing about the message. Pam feels guility and deletes all the other messages before Robert could hear them. Robert later gets a phone call from Andy who had managed to land the important client and offers
Robert California & David Wallace 2

David Wallace & Robert California

Robert the opportunity to hire him back in exchange for the client. Robert however refuses to budge and threatens Andy right back (Turf War.) Robert California spots Oscar making a video that encourages gays to be proud of who they are and intervenes, believing he is a better spokesperson for this then Oscar. Oscar later pushes him and Kevin out of the way and Robert leaves to go put ice on his injury. Robert later tries to comfort Andy who everyone thinks has gone insane and is disillusioning David Wallace. Robert takes a sip of Hide's energy drink for Asian homosexuals and remarks that the adding of coconut was a bad idea. David Wallace later shows up and meets Robert California who introduces himself by a different, presumably fake name, Bob Kazamakis much to the
Robert California & Andy 1

Andy Bernard & Robert California

surprise of the office. Robert then convinces David to give him a $1 million donation to spend 3 years traveling Europe, Africa and Asia tutoring high school girls, especially gymnasts, which he announces to the disgust of the office who realize what this is a euphamism for. Robert then says his goodbye to the office and hugs and kisses Andy on the mouth much to Andy's discomfort (Family Portrait.)

With David Wallace as the new CEO, Robert/Bob leaves with his money and presumably heads off to fulfill his "charity work".

Trivia Edit

  • Robert hates ties, noted through his comment of how he feels "strangled" to Angela in "Fundraiser" and how he is never seen wearing a tie save for that one episode. He also told Andy once that he liked his tie.

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