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Marriages Edit

  • Jim and Pam Halpert
  • Dwight and Angela Schrute
  • Michael and Holly Scott
  • Phyllis and Bob Vance
  • Roy and Laura Anderson

Couples Edit

  • Pete Miller and Erin Hannon
  • Andy Bernard and Erin Hannon
  • Andy Bernard and Angela Martin
  • Jim Halpert and Katy
  • Jim Halpert and Karen Filippelli
  • Pam Beesly and Roy Anderson
  • Oscar Martinez and Robert Lipton
  • Angela Martin and Robert Lipton
  • Kevin Malone and Lynn
  • Ryan Howard and Kelly Kapoor
  • Michael Scott and Helene Beesly
  • Michael Scott and Jan Levinson
  • Michael Scott and Carol Stills
  • Michael Scott and Donna Newton

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