Nate is a member of the new warehouse staff at Dunder Mifflin. He formerly worked as Dwight's personal assistant. Nate is played by the actor Mark Proksch.

Nate admitted he is originally from Philadelphia but moved to Scranton and that he speaks English very well. Nate has also admitted to having disabilities. When many sounds are occurring at once, he hears them as one big jumble.

Season 7Edit

While searching for day laborers, Nate was the only man willing to volunteer to help Dwight out. Dwight tasked him with getting rid of a hornets nest in front of the building. Nate used a bat and tried to beat the nest down and was stung multiple times. (Sex Ed)

He later pops along with Dwight and the two realize that Pam was lying about a new building. He also gives Pam a building code book and tells her that Dwight wants to parlay. Nate also was seen spooling the toilet paper and making it thinner. Dwight commands that Nate re-ply it after Pam tells him that its illegal much to Nate's confusion ("China").

Season 8Edit

Nate is later hired to join the warehouse staff after the old warehouse staff quits after winning the lottery, despite admitting he has a hearing problem. ("Lotto", "Doomsday").

Nate later reveals his confusion on why Val calls the upstairs office workers "Popsicles". He then dresses up fancy and spends much of the party talking to Gabe. He then joins Dwight's crazy dance, with Gabe and Creed. ("Christmas Wishes").

When Darryl discovers the beanie she'd knitted for him was simply one of many she'd given out, he quickly passed off the romantic gift of gloves and an affectionate card he'd intended for her, as a gift for Nate instead. Nate was deeply moved by the gift and card and later presented Daryl with a book of "Nate coupon", including one for a free "tickle attack" and which where Nate would bring him a stick of gum at any time. ("Special Project")

When Ryan is trying to persuade Kelly to come back to him the rest of the office staff tell Ryan they believe that Ravi is a much better match for Kelly. Nate calls Ryan "Brian" and says that after knowing Ryan for just a few seconds and having never met Ravi, believes that Ravi is a better choice. He is later seen with the rest of the office staff watching Ryan's stunt on a horse dressed in Indian clothing in an attempt to get Kelly back (Angry Andy).

Nate stands in the background watching the portraits get taken and later is seen taking down the "A Division of Sabre" sign after Sabre is broken up. ("Free Family Portrait Studio").

Season 9Edit

Dwight came in as the German companion of Saint Nicholas, Belsnickel, and hired Nate to come as Belsnickel's partner, Zwarte Piet, who is usually portrayed in blackface and colorful pantaloons. When the office staff learned of this from the internet and expressed their disapproval, Dwight then proceeded to text Nate (who was in the parking lot heading towards the building) and presumably tells him not to come in his costume. Nate is later seen at the Christmas party with some of his blackface makeup still visible (Dwight Christmas).

When Dwight has to find someone for the Junior Sales position at the company, he picks all his friends including Nate. Nate shows up to the interview wearing his normal warehouse uniform only with a tie. He is not chosen and likely goes paintballing with the rest of the people that Dwight did not pick (Junior Salesman).

After someone defaces Pam's mural, Dwight says that they can find who did it by singling out the weak link. They then notice Nate who is knocking stuff over. Dwight tries to weaken him by telling him that his mother is dying causing Nate to drop the ground on his knees. Dwight, Pam, and Nellie proceed to interrogate him after they reveal his mother is fine. They bribe him with gum and he reveals who the person that did it was. As they leave, Nate asks for his gum however Dwight reveals that the offer of gum was also false. Nate walks away after saying "that's really rude" (Vandalism).

During the office's paper airplane contest, Jim uses showmanship to win by using his paper airplane to knock an apple off Nate's head. He misses and Nate seems relieved by this (Paper Airplane).

When Dwight becomes manager he decides to revamp security in the building. Nate assists him in helping him install some security doors from a jewelry store (A.A.R.M.).

Nate attends Dwight and Angela's wedding and later is at the party held in the warehouse by PBS (Finale).