Michael and Holly are one of the main couples of The Office. They get engaged in the seventh season.


Both Michael and Holly are very much alike: goofy, self-conscious, and always looking for a laugh. Holly replaces Toby as the new HR representative in Goodbye, Toby and she and Michael begin dating the following autumn. When corporate finds out that they are a couple, David Wallace relocates Holly to the Nashua Branch. To Michael's dismay, their relationship can't survive the distance. Holly begins dating A.J., a Nashua co-worker, but Michael steals a file off of her computer called "Dear Michael" and learns that she still has feelings for him.


Michael and Holly in season five

Later, Holly returns to Scranton, and she and Michael resume dating. They later become engaged with Michael proposing to Holly in a room full of white candles that comically end up being extinguished when the fire sprinklers turn on.

Status: Married