"Meredith" is the third episode of the webisode series The Office: The Accountants. It was written by Paul Lieberstein and Michael Schur and directed by Randall Einhorn. It aired on on July 20, 2006.


The accounting department ask Meredith about the missing money, and Angela scolds Kevin for revealing the amount to be $3,000. Meredith scoffs that if she had stolen $3,000 she wouldn't be at work; she'd be on a beach in Jamaica drinking Red Stripe beer. She offers to go drinking with the accountants that very moment, but her offer is declined since it isn't even noon yet. Meredith concludes that she wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her son. She has two children, but her ex-husband has Wendy, "the good one."


Main castEdit

Recurring castEdit

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