Matt is a character from The Office played by Sam Daly. He starts to appear in the sixth season.

Character Bio Edit

Matt works at the Dunder-Mifflin warehouse. He probably started work there shortly before December 2009. It is revealed that Oscar Martinez secretly has a crush on him, and that Matt is also gay. Pam spends the whole Christmas party trying to get Oscar and Matt to bond. ("Secret Santa")

He and the rest of the warehouse staff talks to CEO Jo Bennett. ("St. Patrick's Day") Later, Oscar tries to continue his relationship with Matt, and they play basketball together at the bar. Darryl continues to realize their relationship, and Darryl tells Oscar that Matt is dumb. ("Happy Hour")

Season 8Edit

When the warehouse wins the lottery it is assumed that Matt received his money and quit along with all the other warehouse workers.

Trivia Edit

  • Pam tries to get Matt and Oscar together because they are the "only two gay guys she knows".


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