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Lonnie Collins is a fictional character played by Patrice O'Neal in the television series The Office. Patrice O'Neal passed away on November 29th, 2011. He was 41 years old.

Season 1: Edit

Lonnie works in the warehouse and has no problem standing up for himself and intimidating Michael, forcing the office workers to work on Saturday instead of the warehouse employees. He seems to be second-in-command of the warehouse. He is one of the best basketball players in the warehouse. Lonnie appears to not like Michael at all and has on numerous occasions yelled at Michael or tried to scare him.

Season 2: Edit

Lonnie is one of the most vocal supporters of the idea of forming a union to increase the benefits of warehouse employees. He insults Michael, referring to him as "Hasselhoff" when Michael attempts to be "one of the guys" by leaving part of his shirt unbuttoned.

Season 3: Edit

After Lonnie yells at Michael for not paying attention during Darryl's safety presentation, he is called a sea monster by Kelly. He then yells at Ryan, telling him to keep Kelly quiet.

Season 4: Edit

In a press still from Did I Stutter?, Lonnie's last name is revealed as Collins.

Season 8: Edit

Lonnie likely quit after the entire warehouse won the lottery. He will not return, due to the recent death of Patrice O'Neal.

Appearances Edit

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