# Episode Speaker Situation
1.02 Diversity Day Michael Recreating the Chris Rock routine.
3.01 Gay Witch Hunt Michael Misidentifies the show Queer as Folk as Queer as Fuck.
3.10 A Benihana Christmas Michael Riding his bicycle into a potted plant.
3.16 Phyllis' Wedding Michael When Phyllis' father stands up by himself.
3.17 Business School* Meredith Telling a dirty joke.
3.24 The Job Jan Swears at the CFO as she leaves.
4.02 Dunder Mifflin Infinity Michael Upset that he drove into a lake.
4.03 Launch Party Michael Curses at Ryan during his webcam segment.
4.05 Local Ad* Michael Role-playing with Jim.
4.09 Dinner Party Jan Arguing with Michael about having kids.
4.12 Did I Stutter?* Stanley Insisting Michael went it too far,"so fuck him".
4.14-1 Goodbye, Toby* Meredith During secret meeting with Dwight.
4.14-2 Goodbye, Toby* Phyllis Admitting that she's in big trouble.
5.13 Stress Relief Michael Freaking out about the "fire" Dwight started.
6.06 The Lover Jim Realizes that Michael is dating Pam's mom.
6.06 The Lover Pam Says that she "could give a shit" about Michael's happiness.
6.19 Happy Hour Dwight Scared when Angela is right next to him.
7.01 Nepotism Luke After his uncle Michael spanked him.
7.04 Sex Ed Meredith Insults Andy's condom in on pencil idea.
7.06 Costume Contest Kevin Upset with Gabe.
7.10 China Michael Referring to an outlandish idea of Erin's, he says, "I don't know what the fuck that was."
7.13 The Ultimatum Creed "Fuck you, fuck you" to Erin, after Erin fulfills Creed's News Years resolution of performing a cartwheel.
7.14 The Seminar David Brent After meeting Michael coming of the elevator, he tells Michael of his new Chinese character "Ho Lee Fuck".
7.19 Garage Sale Ryan Telling the story of his mother's pesto.
7.19 Garage Sale Pam Shocked upon seeing Holly's engagement ring.
7.21 Michael's Last Dundies Michael Leaving Dunder Mifflin is "gonna hurt like a motherfucker."
7.22 Goodbye, Michael Deangelo Pretending to save Jo's dog.
7.24 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager Kevin Surprised that a pirahna was in the men's toilet.
7.25 Search Committee Kelly Claimed she didn't have any weaknesses.
7.25 Search Committee Jo When Dwight wanted to be regional manager.
8.02 The Incentive Kevin Thought that Darryl used the lyrics for Puke by Eminem.
8.17 Test the Store Ryan Nervous that the presentation will be horrible.
8.23 Turf War Robert California Talked to Andy on the phone.
8.24 Free Family Portrait Studio Andy Wanted to have a delicious moment.
9.10 Dwight Christmas Darryl After drinking Dwight's glow in the dark lava juice.
9.17 The Farm Todd Packer Saying to the documentary crew that he had no anonymous classes.
9.19 Stairmageddon Clark Reaction to Dwight shooting a bull tranquilizer dart at Stanley.
9.21 Livin' the Dream Angela Drunk while talking about her cat.
9.21 Livin' the Dream Andy Insulted David Wallace so Andy can become an actor.
9.23 Finale Angela Came out of the car trunk that Mose put her in.

* Deleted scene.