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Throughout The Office's run, characters wear a sign, or a sign is made as a gag.

Season 1Edit

  • Michael makes everyone wear a sign listing a race that they must act/talk like. ("Diversity Day")
  • Dwight makes various signs, but decides to keep DWIGHT SCHRUTE WORKSPACE. ("Health Care")

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

  • Michael forces Dwight to wear a sign saying LIAR after Dwight goes behind Michael's back to Jan Levinson and tries to take his job, and lies about where he was. ("The Coup")
  • Welcome Back Oscar is put up on the wall. Dwight thinks the party is for him in spite of the sign.("The Return")
  • Pam makes a sketch of the pervert Phyllis saw. Pam purposely makes it look like Dwight then makes a wanted poster of her drawing. ("Women's Appreciation")

Season 4Edit

  • Michael makes a flyer for the Fun Run that says that they are running 5,000 miles. ("Fun Run")
  • Phyllis accidentally makes a sign saying Lunch Party, disgusting Angela. ("Launch Party")

Season 5Edit

  • Jim makes a sign welcoming Pam home with Kelly. ("Business Trip")*
  • Michael thinks that Stanley is dead so he uses the defibrillator. However, Stanley is sleeping. Michael makes Stanley wear a sign saying NOT DEAD when he is sleeping from then on. ("Stress Relief")*
  • Michael makes a Lonely Heart's Party Sign and places it under the windshield wipers of various cars in the parking lot.("Blood Drive")
  • Michael makes five golden tickets that he puts into boxes of paper. All the boxes end up going to the same company.("Golden Ticket")
  • Michael makes a sign saying The Michael Scott Paper Company for his condo.("Dream Team")

Season 6Edit

  • At Jim and Pam's wedding reception there is a sign saying The Halprets instead of "The Halperts." ("Niagara")
  • At Valley View High School there is a sign dedicated to Michael. The Michael Gary Scott Reading Room for promising to pay their tuition. ("Scott's Tots")
  • Jim makes a sign that says Merry Christmas, Santa Hates Tears. ("Secret Santa")

* Deleted Scene

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