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Talking Head interviews with more than one person.

* Deleted scene.
Episode Characters Topic
Health Care Jim/Pam Going through Dwight's rejected signs.
Hot Girl Michael/Dwight What motivates employees?
The Dundies Jim/Pam Recapping the day's events.
Office Olympics Michael/Dwight The importance of owning property.
The Fire Jim/Pam Meredith's DVD choices.
The Fire Jim/Pam Fire drills.
The Fire Jim/Pam Jim used to sit with Toby.
Booze Cruise Jim/Pam What's the surprise?
The Secret Michael/Dwight Spring cleaning.
Valentine's Day Michael/Dwight Heading for New York.
The Convention Michael/Evan The meaning of friendship.
A Benihana Christmas Pam/Karen Taking it too far.
A Benihana Christmas Pam/Karen Disbanding the Committee to Plan Parties.
The Return Michael/Andy Addition by subtraction.
The Return Kevin/Ryan The Mexican Hat Dance.
Fun Run Kevin/Oscar Are Jim and Pam dating?
Money Jim/Pam Reading their TripAdvisor review.
Crime Aid Michael/Holly Discussing the upcoming auction.
Frame Toby Toby/Michael Discussing about Costa Rica.
Lecture Circuit Part 1 Dwight/Jim Discussing about Party Planning.
Blood Drive Jim/Pam Talking about Valentine's Day.
Golden Ticket Jim/Andy/Pam Talking about Love.
The Inner Circle Kelly/Ryan Talking about their statuses when Deangelo is manager.

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