According to Michael Scott, there has been eight men who are IT guys at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

IT GuysEdit


The very first IT guy at the Scranton branch but he was unsuccessful in creating a network server.


The second IT guy who could have set up the network server.

Fatty 2Edit

The third IT guy is the second fat IT guy.


The fourth IT guy who wears shorts all the time.

Fatty 3Edit

The fifth IT guy who is the last fat IT guy.


The sixth IT guy who has tons of hair in his ears.

Sadiq (Turban)Edit

Sadiq was the seventh IT guy and did some email surveillance until Michael thought that he was a terrorist.

Nick (Glasses)Edit

Nick was the eighth IT guy at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. He used to take care of the network servers until he found out that Andy Bernard did the leak of the printers catching on fire and that Dwight told Nick that people only use the internet for games and porns. Nick gives them the finger and quits.


  • Michael thinks that Lozenge set up the network server.

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