Season 2 Edit

Michael - Two-headed Michael

Dwight - Sith Lord

Phyllis- Cat

Pam - Black Cat

Creed - Vampire

Jim - 3 hole punch Jim

Angela - Cat

Oscar - Woman

Kevin - Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles

Stanley - None

Kelly - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Ryan - None

Meredith- zombie

Toby - Pajamas

Devon - Hobo Clown

Season 5Edit

Michael- unknown

Dwight- The Joker

Pam- Charlie Chaplin

Jim- A guy named "Dave"

Andy- Kitten from Cats

Oscar- Uncle Sam

Kevin- The Joker

Angela- Cat

Meredith- Cheerleader

Phyllis- Ragedy Ann

Kelly- Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City)

Ryan- Gordan Gecko

Stanley- Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creed- The Joker

Season 6Edit

Michael - Dick in A Box / Suicide Victim

Dwight - Jigsaw (Saw)

Jim - BookFace

Kelly - Leeloo (Fifth Element) 

Erin - Fiona (Shrek) 

Angela - Black Widow spider

Creed - "Original" Vampire (Dracula)

Ryan- "Trendy" Vampire (Edward from Twilight)

Oscar - Sarah Palin

Kevin - police officer

Phyllis - witch

Stanley - torture vicitm

Pam - Rosemary (Rosemary's Baby)

Darryl - "Gangster" Pumpkin

Meredith - Hobo

Mose - Scarecrow

Season 7Edit

Michael - Mcgruber from Saturday Night Live

Dwight - Scranton Strangler

Jim - Popeye

Pam - Olive Oyl

Andy - Bill Compton from TrueBlood

Meredith - Sookie Stackhouse from TrueBlood

Creed - Mummy

Kevin - Michael Moore

Stanley - Samurai Warrior

Gabe - Lady Gaga

Kelly - Snooki, then Katy Perry

Ryan- Justin Bieber

Oscar- 1970's disco guy, the "Rational Consumer"

Angela- penguin, sexy nurse

Erin- monster mask

Toby- hobo (same costume that Devon wore in season 2)

Darryl- vampire

Todd Packer - pregnant nun

Phyllis - nun --- or Supreme Court Justice

Season 8Edit

Andy- Construction Worker

Jim- Chris Bosh

Kevin- Dwyane Wade

Darryl- LeBron James

Pam- kangaroo

Creed- Osama Bin Laden

Dwight- Kerrigan from Starcraft (later a jamacain zombie woman)

Meredith- Kate Middleton

Toby- Skeleton 1

Gabe- Skeleton 2

Kelly- Skeleton 3

Ryan- Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

Oscar- Oscar Liar Weiner

Erin- Wendy from the fast food restaurant "Wendy's"

Angela- Kitten (same cat costume as in earlier seasons)

Phyllis- unknown, possibly a broadway performer

Stanley- Chef (from South Park lol)

Season 9Edit

Andy - George Michael

Jim - No Costume

Pam - Doctor Cinderella

Dwight - A Pig

Phyllis- A cheerleader

Nellie - "Sexy" Toby

Stanley - Usain Bolt

Creed - Splattered with blood (implies he is not wearing a costume - says "it's Halloween. That is really, really good timing.")

Meredith - Black Widow

Clark - No Costume

Kevin - Charlie Brown

Angela - Nancy Reagan

Oscar- A Dinosaur (tells Senator Lipton he is the Electoral College)

Darryl - Unknown

Pete - No Costume

Erin - A Puppy