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Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley are the main couple of The Office. Pam is in a long-term engagement for the beginning of the series. When she and Jim share a kiss in the end of the the second season, she decides to break her engagement with Roy. They began dating in season three (officially in season four), became engaged in season five, and got married and had a baby in season six and another in season 8. Their marriage gets very rocky in season 9 when Jim hides the fact he went into business with his friend in Philadelphia. It is mentioned in season 9 that the two are fighting quite often, and Pam reveals to Jim that she wants to stay in Scranton and does not want to move to Philadelphia with him. This causes the couple to attend marriage counseling and eventually reconcile their love for each other. Although Jim is still working in Philadelphia and Pam still does not want to leave Scranton they are starting to appreciate their company more and more reigniting the flame that brought them together in the first place. In episode entitled A.A.R.M., Jim makes a romantic video for Pam, and gives her the letter from the teapot. This causes both of them to tear up, making this one of the most romantic gestures. Pam and Jim are definitely soulmates, and Jenna and John do an amazing job portraying that.

Status: Married 

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