Michael Scott frequently comes up with ideas for inventions or business ventures. They are rarely realized, and when they do exist, they invariably lose money.

  • The Magic No Ouchie Meat Machine, a foot-safe version of the George Foreman Grill, a callback to The Injury. It's a grill inside a bunny cage.
  • A salad dressing made by mixing Newman's Range with Newman's Italian. He sells it at a loss at flea markets. ("Fun Run")
  • Shoe La La, a shoe store that sells shoes for special occasions in a man's life. ("Golden Ticket")
  • Toilet Buddy, a net that hangs in the toilet to catch things before they fall in. ("Golden Ticket")
  • The Michael Scott Paper Company, his own paper company, founded upon quitting Dunder Mifflin during the episode Two Weeks. It operated at a loss during its brief existence.(Broke)
  • Tube City, a system of interconnected tubes running through the office with hamsters inside them. ("Murder")
  • Chair Pants, a chair that is part of your pants so when you sit down, you're supported. ("Company Picnic")

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