Hunter Raymond is an assistant who worked at Dunder Mifflin Corporate and had a brief romantic relationship with Jan Levinson.

History Edit

Raises Edit

When Michael and Darryl head to corporate to lobby for raises, Michael meets Jan's new assistant Hunter. He is upset that Hunter is so good looking, comparing him sarcastically to actor James Van Der Beek.

Jan's Departure Edit

Hunter is sad to see Jan go, helping her collect her things when she drops them accidentally. Jan wishes Hunter luck with his band. (The Job)

Song Edit

Jan plays a CD recorded by Hunter's band, The Hunted. One of the songs, "That One Night", implies that Hunter was seduced by Jan and later lost his virginity to her. Through the lines "she made me a man", which indicated that Hunter enjoyed his relationship with Jan.

Relationship Information Edit

Romantic Edit

Jan Levinson Edit

Hunter was seduced by Jan before shortly before losing his virginity to her. His song, "That One Night" refers to his relationship with her, and the lyrics indicate that he enjoyed the relationship.

Professional Information Edit

Hunter was an assistant to Jan Levinson. Shortly after Jan was fired, he was fired by Ryan, who thought Hunter wasn't good at his job.

He is a band member of The Hunted. One of his songs "That One Night" referred to Hunter losing his virginity to Jan.

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