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Here Comes Treble

Here Comes Treble
is the name of Andy's a cappella group. They were first mentioned in Andy's appearance in Gay Witch Hunt.

Andy's a cappella group has been a recurring motif throughout the show since his debut.

In the episode Launch Party, Andy sings "Take a Chance on Me" by ABBA with his a cappella group backing him up on speakerphone. Actor John Michael Higgins is one of the other voices.


The members of Here Comes Treble, class of '96:[1]

  • Carl 1 and Carl 2 (not on speaking terms after they ended their civil union)
  • Jingle Jangle
  • Sandwich (scheduled to undergo gastric bypass surgery)
  • Boner Champ (aka Andy- got this nickname for humping a snowman)
  • Broccoli Rob
  • Doobie (now a school bus driver)
  • Pubey Lewis & the News
  • Sparerib
  • Hopscotch (his mom won't let him out on weekends)
  • Lunchbox


  1. Official wedding site for Angela Martin and Andy Bernard: Music

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