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For the episode, see: Happy Hour.

Dwight: Angela versus Isabelle. Height, advantage Isabelle. Birthing hips, advantage Isabelle. Remaining childbearing years, advantage Isabelle. Legal obligation, advantage Angela.

Erin: [falsely to Andy to hide their relationship] Talk to me that way again, and I'll cut your face off!

Andy: We just have to throw everyone off the scent, a little. So... follow my lead. [finds a seat next to a stranger] I don't normally do this but--

Woman: What?

Andy: Just sit down next to a beautiful woman and just start talking to myself to confuse other people?

Erin: [to a random man] Hey Big Boy. [rubs his leg] Do you like it when I do that?

Andy: [Andy spits out his drink] What are you doing!

Erin: What we said to do.

Andy: We didn't say we were gonna like, start groping strangers!

Erin: I was flirting with a man!

Andy: Get in here. [pushed Erin into a photo booth] Where did you learn to talk like that?

Erin: Movies? I dunno.

Andy: What movie! Black Snake Moan?

Kevin: Well when a new mom, hears a baby cry, her you-know-whats fill up with you-know-what? And then her shirt gets... you know. [giggles to himself] That would be funny!

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