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Hannah Smoterich-Barr
N/A Unemployed; Former Accountant
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Hannah Smoterich-Barr, is a fictional character played by Ursula Burton in the television series The Office.


Hannah is a working mother with a baby at home. She projects an outward normalcy but under the surface holds opinions that others may consider strange. Once somebody says something she thinks is wrong, she quickly becomes unpleasant and sarcastic.

Season 3 Edit

Hannah was formerly an employee of Dunder Mifflin Stamford and was mostly seen in the background during the branch's existence.

When Hannah transfers to the Scranton branch, Michael seats her across from Meredith. She is present at Michael's "Lazy Scranton" video. Creed later takes a picture of her breast somehow which she complains about to Michael. She is later present at the meeting by Michael and she and the other Stamford transfers (with the exception of Tony) are sitting on the table and witnesses Tony quit and Michael then fire him. When Michael comes up with a scheme to get the Scraton and Stamford employees to work together by pretending that the Vance Refrigerator employee's let the air out of everyone's tires Hannah expresses disbelief and annoyance at Michael's plan (The Merger). She later quits while Michael is away on vacation (Back From Vacation).


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