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Before The Series Edit

  • Michael - Janet Jackson's Boob
  • Michael - Monica Lewinsky
  • Michael - Monica Lewinsky
  • Michael - OJ

Season 2 Episode 5Edit


  • Michael - Two Headed Michael
  • Dwight- Sith Lord from Star Wars
  • Kelly- Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
  • Pam- Cat/ Kitten
  • Jim- Three Hole Punch Jim (Attached three black dots to his shirt)
  • Phylis- Cat
  • Angela- Kitten
  • Devon- Bum
  • Kevin - Mr. Incredible
  • Toby - Hugh Hefner
  • Creed - Dracula
  • Oscar- A Woman

Season 5 Episode 6Edit

"Employee Transfer"

  • Pam- Charlie Chaplin with the hat/Hitler without the hat
  • Stanley- Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Creed- Joker from The Dark Knight
  • Dwight- Joker from The Dark Knight/Batman
  • Kevin- Joker from The Dark Knight
  • Kelly- Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City
  • Ryan- Gordon Gekko from Wall Street
  • Oscar- Uncle Sam
  • Meredith- Cheerleader
  • Phyllis- Raggedy Ann
  • Andy- Cat from Broadway musical Cats
  • Angela- Kitten
  • Jim- Dave (wearing name tag that says "Dave")

Season 6 Episode 8

"Koi Pond"

  • Jim- Facebook (wrote the word "book" across his face)
  • Meredith- Hobo
  • Dwight- Mr. Jigsaw i.e killer from Saw
  • Angela- Black Widow
  • Oscar- Sarah Palin
  • Kevin- Paul Blart from Paul Blart Mall Cop
  • Kelly- LeLu from The Fifth Element
  • Phyllis- Witch
  • Erin- Princess Fiona from Shrek
  • Pam- Rosemary from Rosemary's Baby
  • Creed- Count Dracula
  • Ryan- Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga
  • Andy- Michael Jackson (Thriller video costume)
  • Michael- Dick in a Box from SNL skit

Season 7 Episode 6Edit

"Costume Contest"

Season 8 episode 5Edit


  • Andy- Construction Worker
  • Jim- Chris Bosh
  • Pam- Kangaroo
  • Phyllis- Burlesque dancer
  • Stanley- Chef
  • Darryl-Lebron James
  • Creed- Osama Bin Laden
  • Meredith- Kate Middleton
  • Oscar- Anthony Weiner
  • Angela- Mouse
  • Kevin- Dwayne Wade
  • Erin- Wendy from the restaurant logo for "Wendy's"
  • Ryan- Jesse Pinkman from "Breaking Bad"
  • Toby- Skeleton
  • Kelly- Skeleton
  • Gabe- Skeleton
  • Dwight- Queen of Blades/ Kerrigan, from Starcraft

Season 9 Episode 5Edit

Here Comes Treble (Episode)

  • Andy as George Michael
  • Meredith as Natasha Romanoff
  • Dwight as Pig and a Jack-o-lantern
  • Erin as Puppy
  • Oscar as Dinosaur/Electoral College
  • Pam as Dr. Cinderella
  • Jim as "One of the Men in Black Guys"
  • Robert Lipton as Ronald Reagen
  • Angela as Nancy Reagan
  • Kevin as Charlie Brown
  • Phyllis as a cheerleader
  • Stanley as an Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Nellie as Sexy Toby

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