Garbage is the name given by Mose to a feral barn cat he found on the beet farm. Dwight attempted to give it to Angela to replace Sprinkles, the cat he "destroyed". This attempt failed, and Dwight released the cat in Vance Refrigeration.

Andy later found Garbage and presented him to Angela, with the desirable results (i.e. permission to ask her out).

Dwight said that Garbage killed an entire family of raccoons.

It is shown in Stress Relief that Angela keeps Garbage in her office drawer and has renamed him Bandit. In an attempt to save him from a fire drill, she throws him after Oscar when he tried to escape through the ceiling.

Jim proves his ability to diaper anything by placing a baby diaper on Garbage in the episode Delivery: Part II.


  • Garbage was played by two different cats.


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