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Froggy 101 is the #1 rated country-western station in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It originates in Frankfort, KY. It is an actual country-western station.

Dwight Schrute has a sticker advertising this station on his desk.

In season 2, ep 2: (sexual harassment) a sticker is seen next to Dwight's desk about 15 mins into the episode just as Michael makes an announcement

In season 2, ep 9: Michael's Birthday, a sticker is seen on the filling cabinet next to Dwight's desk when Jim and Pam return from the store.

In Season 4, Ep 4: Money, a sticker is seen when Michael Scott  is called by his boss to have a discussion at the telemarketing job.

In Season 4, Ep 5: Local Ad, the Froggy 101 sticker is seen on the wall of Poor Richard's Pub behind Darrel and Kelly.

In Season 6, Ep 22: Secretary's Day, the Froggy 101 sticker is seen on the wall between Kelly 'Erin' Hannon  and accounting.

In Season 7, Ep 17: Threat Level Midnight, there is a sticker on the advertisement board in the bar where Michael Scott  and Andy Bernard  are talking.

In Season 7, Ep 18: Todd Packer, Jim Halpert suggests playing a prank on Todd Packer that includes Froggy 101.

In Season 7, Ep 21:the Froggy 101 sticker is seen on the wall betweenKelly 'Erin' Hannon and accounting.

In Season 8, Ep 2: The Incentive, in the Tattoo Parlor, there is another sticker.

In Season 8, Ep 3: Lotto, there is a sticker visible on the mast of the forklift in the warehouse.

In Season 8, Ep 7: Pam's Replacement, there is a sticker on Creed's desk while Dwight and Pam conspire.

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