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A Dwight PSA

In the final week of March 2006, a series of parody public service announcements were filmed in the style of NBC's "The More You Know". These announcements are included on the Season 2 DVD.

The PSAsEdit

Public Service Announcements06:26

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements

  • Meteor - Dwight explains that meteors are more dangerous than wolves.
  • Smell - Pam explains that adding the word "smell" into other words isn't funny.
  • Invite - Pam reminds us that a wedding invitation contains all the information you need to get to the wedding.
  • Cake - Pam explains why we shouldn't smush cake into a bride's face.
  • Foul - Jim tells us not to be ashamed of calling a foul in basketball.
  • Jellybeans - Jim advises against eating black jellybeans.
  • Fugitive - Jim reminds us how good The Fugitive is.
  • Saltine - Jim warns us to eat crackers responsibly.
  • Thumb - Dwight gives us false information about the human thumb that is probably true.
  • Arctic Wolf - Dwight tells us what an arctic wolf's diet consists of.
  • Bears - Dwight tells us what to do during a bear attack.
  • Relationship - Kelly and Ryan give opposing views on office relationships.
  • Beer - Ryan warns us against paying for over-priced alcohol.
  • Taping Sex - Ryan warns us against taping yourself having sex.
  • Short - Ryan explains that 5'9" isn't short. It's average.
  • Boys - Kelly says boys aren't great.
  • Lipstick - Kelly explains that using two shades of lipstick can make girls look even cuter.

Rabies PSAEdit

On Disc 1 of the Season 4 DVD, a new PSA was included entitled "Rabies: The More You Know."

  • Rabies - Michael warns that rabies kills.

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