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The Dunder-Miflin Ramblin' Reams was the name of Dunder-Miflin Scranton's softball team.

Players and PositionsEdit


  • Andy "The Dandy" Bernard- sang a lot and was injured half the season due to a "celebration related injury"
  • Clark "The Nose" Green due to constantly having his nose in his iPhone
  • Creed "Creed" Bratton- requested to be transferred at the beginning of the season
  • Darryl "Hot Doggin'" Philbin due to eating a hotdog every fifth inning
  • Erin "The Kid" Hannon- whole nickname is "The Kid nobody wanted" due to her never getting adopted
  • Jerry "Dead Weight" Johnson- Likely due to his age
  • Jim "Slim" Halpert- Likely due to his slimness
  • Kevin "Spitoowee" Malone- Constantly spitting sunflower seeds everywhere
  • Meredith "Bambino" Palmer- Scourned for not putting her cigar out every time she was at bat
  • Nellie "The Gooch" Bertram- Huge fan of British cricket player Graham Gooch and constantly said "Release your inner Gooch!"
  • Oscar "El Disappointmento" Martinez- People believed he would be good at baseball solely based on his race, therefore were disappointed when they realized he wasn't.
  • Pete "Rookie of the Year" Miller- Called that for his solid first season, also he was to young to remember the movie by the same name.
  • Phyllis "The Fridge" Vance- Returned her glove at the end of the season after hanging on to the tag.
  • Stanley "The Conscientious Objector"- Refused to play, did crossword puzzles during games.

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