Dunder Mifflin Syracuse is a branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company that is based in Syracuse, New York. They are almost a mirror image of the Scranton branch as shown in a deleted scene. 

Jim and Dwight steal clients from them on the justification that they are closer to many of Syracuse's clients. They also have made up a salesman to earn more money by the name of Lloyd Gross. Harry Jannerone finally confronts them about this and the sales team clash over a client in the episode "Turf War".

Harry talks about how the staff at the Syracuse branch are way more fun than the Scranton branch in a deleted scene. The cameras then show several staff members that seem to be exact replicas of Scranton branch staff only more boring. 


  • Harry Jannerone - salesman
  • Mike Schave- Unknown
  • Ginelle- Human Resources
  • Sharon- Receptionist
  • Matt- Unknown, possibly salesman

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