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Scranton branch


Lackawanna Co.

Dunder Mifflin Scranton is a branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company that is based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania in Lackawanna County. It is located at 1725 Slough Avenue in the Scranton Business Park, Suite 200. It is the main setting for the show The Office. It is filmed at Chandler Valley Center Studios in Los Angeles.

As revealed in Casino Night, the Dunder Mifflin Scranton warehouse - perhaps including the suite - is on a seven years lease from Beekman Properties. According to Dwight, the lease was at its fourth year at the time, which means the lease will end sometime during the year 2009 if not renewed. However, in Branch Closing it has been revealed that Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration was going to buy the warehouse.

Current employeesEdit


  • Dwight K. Schrute - Regional Manager and Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager. Former Sales Representative and former Assistant to the Regional Manager



Product OversightEdit

  • Clark - Customer Service Representative, Former Junior Salesman
  • Pete - Customer Service Representative
  • Meredith Palmer - Purchasing/Supplier Relations
  • Devon White - Quality Assurance


  • Val - Warehouse Foreman
  • Nate - Warehouse Staff
  • Glenn - Warehouse Staff, former Warehouse Foreman
  • Hide - Warehouse Staff


  • Erin Hannon - Receptionist
  • Unnamed male employee - Human Resources Representative.

Former employeesEdit


  • Michael Scott - Former Regional Manager & Sales Representative; quit to form the Michael Scott Paper Company, rehired then quit again to move to Colorado to be with Holly.
  • Martin Nash - Quit, Formerly in Supplier Relations (sat opposite Creed)
  • Hannah Smoterich-Barr - Her complaints and concerns she had for Michael about being a working mother was not resolved so she quit; Former Accountant (sat opposite Meredith)
  • Holly Flax - Former HR Representative; Quit to move to Colorado to take care of her aging parents.
  • Kelly Kapoor - Former Customer Service Representative; quit to move to Ohio to be with Ravi.
  • Ryan Howard - Former Temp, Former VP of Northeast Sales; quit to follow Kelly to Ohio.
  • Madge Madsen - Former warehouse worker; quit after winning the lottery.
  • Philip - Former warehouse worker; if still an employee as of Season 8 he mostly likely won the lottery and quit.
  • Jerry DiCanio - Former warehouse worker; if still an employee as of Season 8 he most likely won the lottery and quit.
  • Matt - Former warehouse worker; if still an employee as of Season 8 he most likely won the lottery and quit.
  • Andy Bernard - Former Regional Manager, Former Sales Representative and Regional Director in Charge of Sales; quit to pursue his dream of acting. 
  • Darryl Philbin - Former Warehouse Foreman, Head of Shipping and Distribution and Assistant Regional Manager; quit to work for Athleap. 
  • Nellie Bertram - Former Regional Manager and Special Projects Manager; quit for unknown reasons and moved to Poland. 
  • Angela Martin - Former Head of Accounting; quit after marrying Dwight. 


  • Roy Anderson - Former Warehouse Staff; fired for trying to assault Jim during work hours
  • Devon White - Laid off by Michael; Formerly in Supplier Relations, later rehired by Dwight in finale
  • Tony Gardner - Fired by Michael
  • Todd Packer - Former Traveling Salesman, Former unknown job in Tallhassee; fired by Robert California as he planned to fire the Vice President of the Retail Store idea to save Nellie
  • Frank - Former Warehouse Staff; fired for attempting to physically assault Pam
  • Kevin Malone - Former Accountant; fired by Dwight
  • Toby Flenderson - Former Human Resources; fired by Dwight
  • Jim Halpert - Former Sales Representative, Assistant Regional Manager, Regional Co-Manager, Regional Manager and Assistant to the Regional Manager; decided to quit in order to move to Austin but was fired by Dwight for the severance.
  • Pam Halpert - Former Receptionist, Sales Representative and Office Administrator; quit to join the Michael Scott Paper Company, rehired then decided to quit in order to move to Austin but was fired by Dwight for the severance.



  • Tom Peets - Deceased, committed suicide; Former Accountant
  • Ed Truck - Former Regional Manager; died in Season 3, was retired for some time
  • Luanne - Unknown; disappeared
  • Ronni - Former Receptionist; laid off by Michael
  • Marjorie - Unknown; disappeared
  • Deangelo Vickers - Former Regional Manager; forced to leave due to serious head injury
  • Robert California - Former Regional Manager; convinced Jo Bennett to make him CEO of Sabre.
  • Gabe Lewis - Former Regional Director of Sales of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre; fired when Sabre was bought out
  • Creed Bratton - Former Head of Quality Assurance; faked his own death after the documentary aired and was eventually arrested.
  • Stanley Hudson - Former Sales Representative, retired.

Office layoutEdit

The Office is rearranged at times due to additional employees or employee relations.


Changes in employees of Dunder Mifflin Edit

The changes are sorted by most recent to least recent.

  • Jim and Pam quit in order to move to Austin.
  • Angela quit prior to marrying Dwight.
  • Stanley retires and is replaced by Malcolm.
  • Kevin and Toby are fired and replaced by Dakota and an unnamed RH representative.
  • Devon White is rehired by Dwight.
  • Creed fakes his own death.
  • Darryl quits to focus on sports marketing job.
  • Andy quits to focus on becoming famous; then takes salesman position only to quit again. Dwight promoted as Regional Manager and Jim accepts Assistant to Regional Manager position.
  • Gabe Lewis is hired back to work as a Marketing Supervisor. Moved to a tiny desk on the couch.
  • Alice is hired as a Marketing Consultant and moved to Clark's old desk.
  • Clark becomes a Junior Salesman.
  • Clark returns and moves back to his desk in the annex.
  • Clark quits to accept job as Jan Levinson's secretary.
  • Darryl promoted to Assistant Regional Manager.
  • Pete hired as new Customer Service Representative and moved to annex.
  • Clark hired as new Customer Service Representative and moved to annex.
  • Gabe dissapeares between Season 8 and Season 9.
  • Ryan quits to follow Kelly to Ohio.
  • Kelly quits to move to Ohio with her fiance Ravi.
  • Nellie relocated back to her old job of Special Projects Manager. Moved to Andy's old sales desk.
  • Robert California bought out by David Wallace. Promotes Andy back to Regional Manager.
  • Andy demoted to salesman, refuses to take position so he is fired.
  • Erin returns as receptionist.
  • Pam comes back from maternity leave, takes back vacant sales position.
  • Andy goes to Florida to get Erin back, Nellie steals the position of Regional Manager.
  • Cathy does not return from Florida. Sales position left vacant.
  • Andy takes over reception while Erin is gone.
  • Erin quits to run away to Florida.
  • Pam goes on maternity leave, Cathy takes Pam's place.
  • Cathy Simms hired and moved to Andy's old desk as temporary salesman.
  • Susan California quits after realizing she is not wanted and only hired because her husband is the CEO.
  • Susan California hired as Accountant. Shares desk with Kevin.
  • Andy keeps Dwight as his Assistant Regional Manager.
  • Robert California gets the CEO position, promotes Andy Bernard as Regional Manager.
  • Robert California hired as Regional Manager, quits to manipulate Jo Bennet into giving the title of CEO to him.
  • Jordan Garfield dissapeares between Season 7 and Season 8.
  • Creed promoted to Acting Manager.
  • Jo promotes Dwight Schrute to Acting Manager. Forced to step down after he fires a gun in the office.
  • Deangelo forced to leave after serious head injury, Regional Manager position remains vacant.
  • Deangelo hires Jordan Garfield as his executive assistant.
  • Deangelo Vickers becomes the new Regional Manager and moves into Michael's office.
  • Michael quits to live with Holly after becoming engaged to her.
  • Holly quits and moves to Colorado to take care of her parents. Toby moved back to original desk.
  • Todd Packer relocated to Florida, Dwight moved back to original desk.
  • Todd Packer promoted to permanent salesman, Dwight moved to annex.
  • Toby left to be part of the Scranton Strangler jury, Holly moved to Toby's desk.
  • Danny Cordray hired as Traveling Salesman.
  • Pam promoted herself to Office Administrator.
  • Michael's half-nephew Luke hired, later fired after doing a terrible job.
  • Jim demoted himself to a salesman, and Darryl was put into his office by Jo.
  • Gabe joined the Scranton branch, taking the desk between Toby and the break room.
  • Jim moved Ryan into Closet.
  • Jim moved to small Office in back left corner of main room. Creed moved to desk in front of Meredith.
  • Ryan was demoted back to temp position.
  • Ryan and Pam returned as Salesmen. Michael returned to previous position. Charles left.
  • Erin replaced Kevin and became full-time receptionist.
  • Pam and Michael quit. Charles replaced Michael and worked in the Conference room. Kevin temporarily replaced Pam.
  • Ryan quit to go to Thailand.
  • Toby returned
  • Holly was relocated.
  • Toby quit and went to Costa Rica. Holly replaced him.
  • Ryan replaced Ronni.
  • Ronni replaced Pam while she was in Art School.
  • Karen moved to Utica, eventually becoming regional manager of the branch.
  • Ryan was promoted.
  • Hannah quit.
  • Luanne disappeared.
  • Martin quit.
  • Tony quit but was then fired before negotiations were final.
  • Scranton Branch/Stamford Branch Merger - Additional Employees (Martin, Andy, Jim, Tony, and Karen) are hired as a result.
  • Jim left to work at Stamford Branch, Ryan moved into his former desk.
  • Ryan moved into the Annex.
  • Toby moved from behind Kelly to other side of annex.
  • Devon was fired.
  • Various background employees disappeared.

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