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Danny Cordray is a fictional character played by Timothy Olyphant in the television series The Office.


Danny is a traveling salesman for another company, and he is the best salesman in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area. Little is known about Danny's past, other than he dated Pam when Jim was transferred to the Stamford branch and was dating Karen Fillippelli. However, after two dates, Danny never called Pam back and tries to make excuses as to why he never called back when Jim keeps asking him. He then reluctantly tells Jim and Pam that he never called Pam back because he thought Pam was a dork. (Costume Contest).

In a deleted scene (The Sting) it is revealed that Danny did a catalog model picture that Michaels remembers and finds on the net.

Season 7Edit

Danny is a traveling salesman for another company, and when Dwight, Jim and Michael lose Steve Nash, an important client to Danny, they try to setup a sting to see his sale tactics. However, when Meredith tries to seduce Danny, Michael stops the sting operation. Michael hires Danny saying that if he was to lose a sale to Danny, he must as well do the next best thing and hire Danny. Danny is introduced to the rest of the office, where it is obvious that most, if not all, of the office employees find Danny very attractive. Kelly mentions that he looks like "Josh Duhamel" and Angela agrees. Kevin says that Danny looks like a "better looking" version of Andy, to which Andy, flattered, thanks Kevin. Michael then explains to the camera in a head interview that Danny is the best thing to happen to this company since Packer (he then admits to forgetting about Packer) (The Sting).

There are moments in the office when things get awkward when Jim keeps asking Danny why he never called Pam back. He then tries to make excuses, but Pam and Jim corner him into telling that he thought that Pam was a dork. Things get even more awkward when Andy and Kevin take their friendship with Jim and Pam too personally and tell Danny that they can't attend his Halloween party because of Jim and Pam. When Danny confronts Jim and Pam, they deny this and they are seen laughing. Jim tries to make a joke about their "love relationship", and it gets awkward when Pam points out that Danny never called back after the second date (Costume Contest).

Although he was not present at the award ceremony, Danny won the Dundie award for Hottest in the Office (Michael's Last Dundies).


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