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Creed Thoughts is a blog Ryan Howard made for Creed Bratton. The blog is a Word document because Ryan wanted to protect the world from exposure to Creed's brain. Ryan also states that the entries he has read are "shocking" even for the internet.

The web address is\creedthoughts. During an interview with Ryan, the camera zooms briefly to Creed's computer screen as he types part of this document. It reads:

Creed Thoughts!
Hey-o, everyone out there in SyberWorld. It,s old Creed Bratton coming at your again, here from my perch as a Quality Assurance Manager at Dunder Mifflin paper. Just a few observations on the world around me.
What do you guys think is the best kind of car? To me, you can,t beat motorcycles. They,re small and dangerous.
I got into a car a