Concierge Marie was the concierge at the hotel Michael, Oscar and Andy were staying at during their business trip to Winnipeg. Trying to get over his break-up with Holly, Michael takes a liking to Marie upon arriving at the Winnipeg hotel. However, Michael mistakes a concierge for a geisha, a "classy" prostitute. Michael's first night in Winnipeg leads him, Oscar and Andy to a local bar where Marie also happens to be situated. Michael and Marie flirt for a while before Marie takes Michael back to her hotel room to have sex. After intercourse, Marie kicks Michael out of her room.

In a deleted scene of the episode Sex Ed, Michael calls the Winnipeg Sheraton and asks for the concierge. When a woman's voice answers "How may I help you?", Michael says, "By going to the doctor and getting tested for herpes" even though the woman who answers the phone does not sound like Concierge Marie.