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Chet Montgomery is a fictional character played by Damani Roberts in the television series The Office. He currently works as the meteorologist for Channel 5.

Season 2: Edit

Montgomery appears on the children's television show Fundle Bundle in the same episode that Michael appeared when he was young. Michael is initially bothered that his co-workers were so excited to see Chet Montgomery on the screen when he intended that the video be shown for his co-workers to see. Montgomery was shown in the video to contrast that Michael hadn't achieved his shared wish in the show, while Montgomery had done so as a great accomplishment.

Trivia Edit

The "Doppler 7" is likely a reference to the absurdly named "Live Mega Doppler 7000 HD" radar used to track weather precipitation by KABC-TV (local ABC affiliate) in Los Angeles where the show is produced. Since Chet Montgomery works at Channel 5 in Scranton, their radar weather equipment would logically be called the "Doppler 5" or "Doppler 5000". WJLA-TV 7, the local ABC affiliate in Washington DC also has a "LIVE Super Doppler 7".

Appearances Edit

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