"Booze Cruise" is the eleventh episode of the second season of The Office and the 17th overall. It was written by Greg Daniels and directed by Ken Kwapis. It first aired on January 5, 2006. It was viewed by 8.6 million people.


The episode opens with Dwight, who is incensed that Jim has put all of his possessions in the vending machine. Pam puts in some money and buys Dwight's pencil cup, to his great dismay.

Michael sends out a vague memo telling the staff to pack a number of random items, including a swimsuit, a toothbrush, rubber-soled shoes and a ski-mask, in preparation for the company's first quarter leadership training trip. In a conference room meeting, Michael tells everyone, the surprise trip is a "booze cruise" on Lake Wallenpaupack, and the staff is not thrilled (aside from Meredith) because it's January and much too cold for a cruise. Ryan tries to get out of going, by saying he has a test for business school. Kelly gets upset cause she bought a bathing suit and Michael won't reimburse her for it.

Brenda "Something" from Corporate is tagging along. Michael continues to tell the staff: "Leader... ship. The word "ship" is hidden inside the word "leadership," as its derivation. So, if this office is, in fact, a ship, as its leader, I am the captain! But we are all in the same boat. Michael makes a reference about the Sales department is a furnace" *everyone is confused, asking questions, making Michael frazzled* .... Michael tries to explain that he was referencing the movie Titanic. He says, "Who saw the movie Titanic?" Jim acts like he has no idea what movie he is talking about, Pam mentions that Michael may be referring to "The Hunt for Red October."

In a talking head, Jim bets his next paycheck that Michael will stand at the front of the boat and say he’s "king of the world" within the first hour. (Michael does it within minutes)

While boarding the boat, Michael is singing the theme from Gilligan’s Island and naming the characters while the office employees are boarding. Michael then states that he is captain.

Michael immediately feels threatened by the ship's captain, Captain Jack, who declares that he will be the ship's captain and the "party captain" for the evening. A hilarious battle for top authority on the ship ensues, with Michael echoing everything Captain Jack says. The awkwardness Michael creates is magnified by the fact Dunder Mifflin's group is not the only group on the boat.

Jim brings Katy, his new girlfriend, (played by Amy Adams) as his date, and Pam brings Roy along. Sitting together at the same table, the four soon start talking, with Katy starting with "you guys, it's like we're in High School and at the cool table", Roy laughs. Katy asks Pam if she was a cheerleader and before she can really answer, Roy explains that Pam was "Miss Artsy Fartsy" in High School and that she wore "a turtleneck and everything". Katy laughs and says "That's hilarious". Jim makes a comment about how it’s not really hilarious, but he is ignored. Roy then asks Katy where she went to High School. Turns out she went to Bishop O'Hara High School, a rival school of Roy's. To Jim's dismay, Katy reveals that she was a cheerleader by reciting a cheer "A-W-E *clap-clap* S-O-M-E *clap-clap* ....". It becomes clear that Katy and Roy enjoy each other more than they do their respective partners. While that is happening, Pam laughs and smiles at Jim.

As the party inside begins, Michael tries unsuccessfully to motivate his staff and is disappointed when Captain Jack does a better job. Captain Jack interrupts Michael by starting a limbo. When Dwight volunteers to hold the limbo stick, Captain Jack sends him outside to "steer the ship." Captain Jack starts a dance contest. Michael takes over and does some really terrible dancing while trying to give his motivational speech. He the states that "sometimes you have to take a break from being the boss that’s always trying to teach people things, sometimes you just have to be the boss of dancing"

Outside, Dwight is steering the boat, singing "What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor". He is interrupted by Angela asking Dwight to come inside and talk to her, but he refuses, saying, "I can't. Do you want us to run aground, woman?!" (The wheel Dwight is so seriously manning turns out to be fake, as the camera pans to the real person steering the boat)

Back inside, Captain Jack, Roy, and Darrel are taking "snorkel shots" and being a little rowdy. Pam tries to get Roy to move somewhere quieter but he refuses.

Pam and Jim go outside alone together and the romantic tension is palpable. Pam says something like, "Sometimes I don't get Roy", Jim doesn't really respond... so to break the tension, Pam asks, "what's it like dating a cheerleader?" Jim doesn't respond again and just stares at Pam. She becomes uncomfortable and says "I'm cold" and goes back inside, leaving Jim alone to realize how weird that was.

Jim eventually goes back inside and is taking to Dwight, Michael, and Captain Jack.

Pam joins Katy back at their table. Katy tells Pam that she wants to be engaged and asks how she "pulled it off". Pam replies, "I’ve been engaged for 3 years and there’s no end in sight, so you don't want to ask my advice."

Back over to Jim, Dwight, Michael, and Captain Jack. They are talking about Michael's presentation and they ask Jim "if the office is on fire, who do you save?" Jim looks at Pam and says "the customer". Jim leaves as Dwight, Michael, and Captain Jack are talking. Jim tells the camera that he would actually save the receptionist.

Roy, motivated by Captain Jack's stories about commitment (and slightly drunk), announces to Pam that it's time to set a date for their wedding. He suggests June 10th, and Pam happily accepts. Michael thinks it was him that motivated Roy, Roy quickly corrects him. Captain Jack suggests marrying them on the ship but Pam wants her parents to be there.

After seeing this, Jim becomes depressed and soon breaks up with Katy, who is shocked and upset.

When Captain Jack leaves the festivities with Meredith, Michael claims wildly that the ship is sinking and will be at the bottom of the lake in 5 minutes. He is trying to create a "business scenario". At first no one believes him, but soon people start to panic and one passenger jumps overboard. Captain Jack returns and, after discovering what Michael has done, (plastic) handcuffs him to the railing outside to prevent him from causing any more trouble.

Jim goes outside to talk to Michael. He then admits to Michael that he "used to have a big thing for Pam". Michael more surprised than anything tells him he usually has a radar that kind of thing. Jim looks down and seems ready to let Pam go, Michael tells him that if he really likes her then he shouldn't give up. Michael also tells Jim: "BFD, engaged ain't married," encouraging him to "never, ever, ever give up" (on Pam.)

The episode ends with Michael telling Dwight, "it's a fake wheel, dummy".


  • According to Greg Daniels' DVD commentary, the original script included a storyline depicting Oscar as a nasty drunk. It was cut for time.
  • A real January booze cruise on Lake Wallenpaupack would be impossible. The lake is frozen over, and all boats must be removed from the lake by October.
  • The official name of the ship is Lake Wallenpaupack Princess.
  • Captain Jack claims to have been a captain of a US Navy PC-1 Cyclone class patrol ship during Operation Desert Storm.
  • Actor Rob Riggle (plays Captain Jack) served as an Officer in the Marine Corps from 1990 until 2013.


Michael: Now, on this ship that is the office, what is a sales department? Anyone?
Darryl: How about the sales department is the sails?
Michael: Yes, Darryl, the sales department makes sales. Good. Let me just explain. I see the sales department as the furnace.
Phyllis: A furnace?
Jim: Yeesh, how old is this ship?
Pam: How about the anchor?
Phyllis: What does the furnace do?
Michael: All right, let's not get hung up on the furnace. This just... it's the sales... I see the sales department down there. They're in the engine room, and they are shoveling coal into the furnace, right? I mean, who saw the movie Titanic? They were very important in the movie Titanic. Who saw it? Show of hands!
Jim: I'm not really sure what movie you're talking about. Are you sure you got the title right?
Michael: Titanic?
Pam: I think you're thinking of The Hunt for Red October.
Michael: No, I'm Leo DiCaprio! Come on!

Phyllis: Michael, everyone in the engine room drowned.
Michael: No! Thank you, spoiler alert. You saw the movie, those of you who did. They're happy down there in the furnace room. And they're dirty and grimy and sweaty, and they're singing their ethnic songs, and... actually, that might be warehouse.
Darryl: What?
Michael: The... no, no. No, I didn't... okay. Well, okay, in a nutshell, what I'm saying is... leadership. We'll talk more about that on the boat. Ship.

Captain Jack: Not now, Mike, we're doing the limbo! That's right, partiers, it's time to limbo, limbo, limbo!
Michael: So, okay.
Dwight: Limbo, whoo!
Captain Jack: All right! I need a volunteer to come up here and hold my stick. Who's it gonna be?
Meredith: Me.
Captain Jack: Okay...
Dwight: Me! Me, me, me.
Captain Jack: Uh... usually it's a woman.
Dwight: I'm stronger.

Michael: Sometimes you have to take a break from being the kind of boss that's always trying to teach people things. Sometimes you have to just be the boss of dancing.

Kelly: Wait, Michael?
Michael: Yeah?
Kelly: Why did you tell us to bring a bathing suit?
Michael: To throw you off the scent.
Kelly: Yeah, but I bought a bathing suit.
Michael: Well, just keep the tags on and you can return it.
Kelly: I took the tags off already.
Michael: Well, that's not my fault, okay? Just.. we're not going to pay for a bathing suit.

Jim: She's really funny and..she's warm and she's just...anyway. Michael: Well if you like her so much, don't give up.

Jim: She's engaged..

Michael: Pfft BFD, engaged ain't married.

Jim: Huh...

Michael: Never ever, ever give up.

Deleted scenesEdit

The Season Two DVD contains a number of deleted scenes from this episode. Notable cut scenes include:

  • Jan and Brenda meet with Michael in his office. When Michael asks Brenda for a moment alone with Jan, she responds that Jan had specifically told her to say no if he asked that question - when he asks again soon after, Brenda is happy to comply before Jan tells her not to. After Jan leaves, Michael offers to make Brenda a fake ID.
  • Toby intentionally arrives late to the booze cruise. Michael, of course, refuses to have the boat go back to get him - though as the boat pulls away from the dock, Toby smiles and admits that stopping to have dinner might not've been a good idea.
  • Michael tries to play guitar with the band, but fails. Creed offers to play and begins playing very well.
  • Creed explains how he was a member of the band, The Grass Roots, which is the real band the real Creed Bratton played with.
  • Dwight states he was conflicted between Michael and Captain Jack as he boarded the boat, but now "he will follow Captain Jack to hell and back."
  • Michael gives Ryan useless advice on how to study in the current situation.
  • In separate shots Ryan and Meredith throw up.
  • A drunken Darryl orders a drink then says to Angela, "What you say, bitch?", realizing he's had enough.

Amusing details- Caution, here be spoilersEdit

  • Kevin wears the requested ski mask to the booze cruise. It obscures his vision so much, he bumps into Michael as he walks up the ramp.
  • When Katy sits and pouts after being dumped by Jim, Kelly is behind her with her head on the table, sleeping.
  • After Roy finally sets a date for his and Pam's wedding, Captain Jack offers to marry them aboard the ship. Pam politely declines, saying she wants her parents to be there. Four years later, in "Niagara", she and Jim slip away from the wedding with their families and get married on a boat.

Cultural referencesEdit

  • Michael's recitation which begins Stanley Bo-Banley is a verse from The Name Game adapted to Stanley's name.
  • Tony Robbins is an author and motivational speaker who conducts seminars around the country.
  • The -ship suffix in the word leadership is not part of its derivation as Michael claims. It is merely a noun-forming suffix meaning "the qualities of".
  • The idiom all in the same boat means that everyone shares the same problem and needs to work together to solve it.
  • The idiom to bowl over means to make someone happy by overwhelming with surprise. One can be bowled over by a gift, for example. Michael's use of the idiom in to bowl over the competition is somewhat misguided; one would more likely wish to bowl over one's customers. The phrase originates from the sport of cricket, although Michael is more likely to have taken his employees bowling.
  • Michael fails to recognize that Darryl is making a pun on sales and sails.
  • Titanic is an Oscar-winning blockbuster film about the ship RMS Titanic, which sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The film is well known for Leonardo DiCaprio's line "I'm the king of the world!", shouted while standing on the prow of the ship, a scene which Michael re-creates.
  • The Hunt for Red October is a film (based on a book of the same title) about a Soviet submarine whose captain wishes to defect to the United States.
  • Michael sings "A three hour tour" from the theme song to Gilligan's Island, a comedy about a group of castaways stranded on a tropical island. He also matches up office employees with characters from the program:
  • Nebulose is not a real word. Michael intended to say nebulous.
  • Michael uses a variation of the slang saying If the van's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'. In the saying, the van is rocking because the occupants are having sex.
  • Bishop O'Hara is a high school in nearby Dunmore.
  • Pan Am is a now-defunct airline. Before airline security became more stringent, pilots would occasionally allow young children to visit the cockpit and let them pretend to fly the plane.
  • Dwight sings What do you do with a drunken sailor?, a traditional sea shanty.
  • A snorkel shot is a drinking game invented for this episode. It appears to consist of drinking a shot of liquor through a snorkel tube.
  • Operation Desert Storm is another name for the Gulf War.
  • Michael offers to give away the bride at Pam's wedding. This is a role traditionally played by the bride's father.
  • BFD, short for Big F—ing Deal, is a derisive expression.
  • I hope I die before I'm old are lyrics from the song My Generation by The Who.
  • The Grass Roots was a real group, a successful folk rock act active from 1966 to 1975 who garnered 29 hit singles on the Billboard Top 100, and sold over 30 million records. Creed Bratton is portrayed by the actor of the same name, who was the group's guitarist. Creed appears to exhibit a level of bitterness over his 'fall from grace'.
  • Songs played on the cruise were 'Get Busy' by Sean Paul and 'Just The Two Of Us' by Bill Withers.


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