Dwight's bobblehead doll

Dwight has a large collection of bobblehead dolls which he keeps on his desk at work. His favorite bobblehead is one of himself that was a present from his girlfriend Angela.("Valentine's Day")

Bobblehead appearancesEdit

Jim complains to Dwight that he threw out his lunch as Dwight plays with his Phillies bobbleheads. ("The Alliance")*

Angela gives Dwight a "Dwight" bobblehead doll and, after consulting with Pam for advice, he gives her a key, presumably to his bedket ranch home. ("Valentine's Day")

Jim held Dwight's bobblehead doll for $5 ransom. ("2006 NBC Primetime Preview")

When Dwight announces his resignation, he bequeaths his box of desk items to Michael, but pulls away two bobblehead dolls, including the likeness of himself. ("Traveling Salesmen")

To mock Andy, Dwight comes in wearing a Cornell sweatshirt, which irritates Andy. Dwight tries to talk about Cornell with Andy and tells him that he is going to apply there. He further installs a Cornell pennant and a Cornell mascot bobblehead in his area.("Employee Transfer")

Dwight is shocked when Andy told him Angela was sleeping with both he and Dwight. They both head back into the office, where Andy makes a call to cancel his wedding cake, which was shaped like a sailboat and Dwight throws out his bobblehead doll. ("The Duel")

* Deleted Scene


  • When the Dwight bobblehead dolls went on sale on, they sold out their initial order of 5000 units.
  • For the Season 3 DVD Best Buy offered "The Welcome Aboard Kit" which includes a Dundie Award, a Dwight Schrute mini-bobblehead, and a welcome aboard letter in a collector's box similar to Season 2's.
  • The produced a bobblehead video featuring the Michael Scott bobblehead. (See below)


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