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Many actors on The Office maintain blogs, some of which are written in character and others as themselves. NBC also publishes blogs written in the personas of characters on the show.

Character blogsEdit

Schrute SpaceEdit

The first of the character persona blogs created by NBC is Dwight Schrute's Schrute Space blog.

Initially, the entries were written by actor Rainn Wilson on the set. Eventually, the task of writing Dwight's entries was given to the Office writing staff.

Creed ThoughtsEdit

After the introduction of Creed's "blog" in the episode The Job (really a Word document set up by Ryan, who unwilling to expose the innermost workings of Creed's brain to an unprepared human race), NBC created a blog called Creed Thoughts, written in the persona of the character Creed Bratton. The initial blog entry is a copy of the entry seen on Creed's monitor during that episode.

It is generally believed that the online Creed Thoughts entries are written by the Office writing staff.

Meredith's Sex and the Electric CityEdit

In September 2008, NBC launched a new blog written in the persona of Meredith Palmer.

It is not known who writes Meredith's blog.

Kevin MaloneEdit

Actor Brian Baumgartner maintains a MySpace as his character Kevin Malone. Unlike the other character blogs, this blog is not run by NBC.

Actor blogsEdit

Jenna FischerEdit

Actor Jenna Fischer maintains a MySpace for herself. Some of the blog entries are written on the set while she is working background in a scene.

Angela KinseyEdit

Actor Angela Kinsey maintains a MySpace for herself. She originally blogged as her character Angela Martin but switched to blogging as herself shortly after starting the blog.

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