Dwight becomes scared of downsizing.

In the episode, "The Alliance," Jim agrees to be in Dwight's alliance, as a prank.

Prank overviewEdit

When Dwight Schrute becomes worried of downsizing rumors at Dunder Mifflin, he asks Jim to be in alliance. Jim goes into his alliance and tells Pam Beesly. Jim thinks he is tricking Dwight, however, Dwight is tricking him. Jim, however, convinces Dwight to dye his hair blonde. Jim's prank backfires in more than one way, for the first time. First of all, when Jim holds Pam's hand to show her what Dwight is doing, Roy barges in and yells at Jim. When Jim asks Dwight for help, Dwight says he knows nothing about the alliance. Also, Jim fails at tricking and therefore, pranking Dwight.


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