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"100 Episodes, 100 Moments" is a bonus feature which appears on disc 5 of the Season 5 DVD set. As the title suggests, it shows a scene from every episode of the first five seasons, though not entirely in the correct order.

Scenes by EpisodeEdit

1) "Pilot" - Dwight's reaction to Jim putting his stuff in Jello
2) "Diversity Day" - Kelly slapping Michael
3) "Health Care" - Meredith differentiating the uterus and vagina
4) "The Alliance" - Michael introducing the Party Planning Committee
5) "Basketball" - Stanley's feeble attempts at the game
6) "Hot Girl" - Michael calling Katy "Pam 6.0", right in front of Pam
7) "The Dundies" - Pam's drunken talking head outside Chili's
8) "Sexual Harassment" - Introduction of Todd Packer
9) "Office Olympics" - Phyllis and Kevin's flonkerton race
10) "The Client" - Michael and Christian singing the Baby-back Ribs song
11) "The Fire" - Dwight anointing Ryan as the "Fire Guy"
12) "Halloween" - Jim and Pam air-five from across the room
13) "The Fight" - Dwight sucker-punching Michael
14) "Performance Review" - Michael reading the "coffee breath" suggestion and Dwight repeating it
15) "Email Surveillance" - Michael Scarn pointing a gun at an improv classmate
16) "Christmas Party" - Phyllis, Meredith, Michael and Kevin taking a shot
17) "Booze Cruise" - Michael mimicking Titanic at the bow of the Lake Wallenpaupack Princess
18) "The Injury" - Dwight vomiting on his rear window after receiving a concussion
19) "The Secret" - Kevin mentioning Jim's crush on Pam to Creed (who can't remember who Pam is)
20) "The Carpet" - Michael and Dwight's raid on Accounting
21) "Boys and Girls" - Michael driving the forklift and knocking down the shelves
22) "Valentine's Day" - Dwight proudly showing off the bobblehead doll of himself
23) "Dwight's Speech" - Dwight involving the captivated crowd in his speech
24) "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" - Michael introducing the kids to Creed
25) "Michael's Birthday" - Michael slamming Toby into the boards
26) "Conflict Resolution" - Phyllis telling Angela "I don't like you" when they meet with Michael
27) "Drug Testing" - Dwight interrogating Kelly
28) "Casino Night" - Jim kissing Pam
29) "Gay Witch Hunt" - Michael kissing Oscar
30) "The Convention" - Michael and Dwight speculating about the stains in their black-lit hotel room
31) "The Coup" - Karen killing Jim in Call of Duty
32) "Grief Counseling" - Michael attempting CPR on the dead bird
33) "Initiation" - Ryan walking out of the barn rather than wrestle Mose
34) "Diwali" - Michael dancing
35) "Branch Closing" - "WE DIT IT!!!"
36) "The Merger" - Michael and Dwight lifting Tony onto the stage
37) "The Convict" - Prison Mike meeting
38) "A Benihana Christmas, Part 1" - Michael and Andy admiring the onion-volcano
39) "A Benihana Christmas, Part 2" - Dwight taking Toby's robe
40) "Back From Vacation" - The warehouse applauding Michael after seeing his picture with a topless Jan
41) "Traveling Salesmen" - Made-over Phyllis and Karen on their sales call
42) "The Return" - Rehired Dwight viscously attacking the pinata at Oscar's return party
43) "Ben Franklin" - Michael talking to "Franklin" in the elevator
44) "Phyllis's Wedding" - Michael's profane reaction to Mr. Lapin rising from his wheelchair
45) "Business School" - Dwight, Meredith, and the bat
46) "Cocktails" - Michael declaring his love for Jan outside Wallace's house
47) "The Negotiation" - Pam informing Michael that he indeed has on a women's suit
48) "Safety Training" - Dwight dropping the watermelon onto Stanley's car
49) "Product Recall" - Jim's clothes-and-all impersonation of Dwight
50) "Women's Appreciation" - Dwight holding up the drawing of Phyllis's flasher
51) "Beach Games" - Stanley vs. Jim sumo
52) "The Job, Part 1" - Michael's first look at Jan's boob job
53) "The Job, Part 2" - Jim interrupting Pam's Head Held High speech to ask her out do dinner
54) "Fun Run, Part 1" - Michael hitting Meredith with his car
55) "Fun Run, Part 2" - Andy' nipples beginning to chase during the 5K
56) "Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Part 1" - Oscar seeing Creed's black hair
57) "Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Part 2" - Michael and Dwight, still soaked, in the lost client's office
58) "Launch Party, Part 1" - Angela demanding Andy give her the air horn used to time Dwight vs. Website
59) "Launch Party, Part 2" - Delivery boy being imprisoned in the meeting room
60) "Money, Part 1" - Pam looking out the window and seeing Mose in the outhouse
61) "Money, Part 2" - "I...declare...BANKRUPTCY!!!!!"
62) "Local Ad" - Creed, Kevin, Kelly, Andy and Darryl working on the jingle
63) "Branch Wars" - Dwight revealing too much information on the ride up to Utica
64) "Survivor Man" - Dwight smacking Michael in the car, so he would wake up alone in the woods
65) "The Deposition" - Dwight and Mose's ping-pong match
66) "Dinner Party" - Michael curling up in his "bed"
67) "Chair Model" - Jim showing the engagement ring he bought as soon as he started dating Pam
68) "Night Out" - Michael and Dwight tending to a drug-sick Ryan
69) "Did I Stutter?" - Stanley using the title quote
70) "Job Fair" - Andy's golf cart accident
71) "Goodbye, Toby, Part 1" - Holly appearing for the first time
72) "Goodbye Toby, Part 2" - Michael reacting to Dwight and Meredith's prank on Holly
73) "Weight Loss, Part 1" - Kelly blacking out after the weigh-in
74) "Weight Loss, Part 2" - Jim proposing to Pam
75) "Business Ethics" - Michael hearing about the engagement
76) "Baby Shower" - Michael helping Dwight "deliver" the watermelon
77) "Crime Aid" - Michael the auctioneer
78) "Employee Transfer" - Michael tearfully saying on the ride to Nashua that, with Holly gone, he'll return to the "hated" Jan
79) "Customer Survey" - Jim and Dwight practicing sales calls
80) "Business Trip" - Michael on the plane, getting hit by the beverage cart
81) "Frame Toby" - Michael and Toby's horribly awkward talking head
82) "The Surplus" - And stepping in horseshit in the kitchen at Schrute Farms
83) "Moroccan Christmas" - Dwight sitting on a non-existing "chair" and bringing the whole "desk" down with him
84) "The Duel" - Andy pinning Dwight against the wall with his car
85) "Prince Family Paper" - Kelly tearfully overreacting to the Hilary Swank discussion
86) "Stress Relief, Part 1" - Angela throwing her cat into the ceiling to escape the non-existent fire
87) "Stress Relief, Part 2" - Michael opening the roast
88) "Lecture Circuit Part 1" - Jim and Dwight expressing mutual distaste for party-planning, and fighting over an arm rest
89) "Lecture Circuit Part 2" - Pam using a chainsaw as a prop in Michael's lecture
90) "Blood Drive" - Michael awkwardly introducing his blood-drive friend to Kevin
91) "Golden Ticket" - Michael showing up at the office dressed like Willy Wonka
92) "New Boss" - Michael telling Wallace that he's quitting
93) "Two Weeks" - Michael slithering on the floor so Charles can't see him
94) "Dream Team" - Charles's soccer shot nailing Phyllis in the face
95) "Michael Scott Paper Company" - Michael welcoming Pam and Ryan to their new office
96) "Heavy Competition" - The three MSPC employees successfully throwing Cheetos' in their mouths
97) "Broke" - Charles admitting he's at a loss as far as inspiring the office, with Dwight saying they don't want inspiration
98) "Casual Friday" - Michael triumphantly returning to the office
99) "Cafe Disco" - Andy approaching Kelly during his dance
100) "Company Picnic" - Jim and Pam hearing about her pregnancy

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